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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don’t have the time to create tons of your own free content?

It can all be done for you at an amazingly low rate for quality content

All you have to do is send me the raw content from your email address inbox and outbox and from your site and I will quickly create 100 fresh original articles for you and your site. Within 59 hours your 100 articles will be ready. Guaranteed!!! 200 articles will take 108 hours. Guaranteed!!!

Everybody knows how important content is for any website that wants traffic. Search engines are designed to greatly reward sites that have plenty of valuable content. And yet for most people getting content for their sites is very hard work. Either the owner of the site has no time to write it or they don’t have the cash to hire a qualified seo ghost writer to generate it for them.

Now you have the perfect solution. All you need to do is send me the raw content and I will quickly generate 100 articles or even 200 articles for you. Don’t have any raw content in your email and elsewhere? Don’t worry email me right away and I will tell you exactly what to do to get all the raw content you will ever need.

And what will surprise you even more is the cost. 100 articles will cost $3.50 per article which will total $350. 200 articles will cost $2.75 per article which will total $550 for the lot.

Naturally I can only serve a limited number of clients every week so rush and Email me right NOW to see when I can fit you into my tight schedule.

Get my paid email course that gives you all the secrets step by step and generate the FREE content for yourself at no cost.

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