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Friday, April 23, 2010

Free website content: Is it really possible to get lots of it? Part 3

In the first two parts of this free website content article we dwelt on where to find free content lying around waiting for you to use it and how to edit this content so that it is perfectly useable.

Actually we dwelt with one way of identifying and using this free website content lying around in your email account.

Let us look at another type of email that you will find. You are bound to have some kind of sales letter explaining in detail what your site does and detailing the services or products that you offer.

Take one such email and if it deals with various products separate the different paragraphs that detail the different products. Each paragraph no matter how brief will create an article on its own. Here’s how.

Take the first paragraph and paste it on a fresh page on your favorite word processor. Above it list briefly the various problems that your product solves. Try and put a little detail into the problem. For instance if the paragraph was about an mail course that teaches prospects how to find free content you can list the problems faced by webmasters and site owners when it comes to getting content for their sites. Another problem can be the limited finances they have and yet professional content providers charge very high fees for providing content.

If you have listed three or four points you can then go back and write in one or two more sentences to explain each point. Those will be paragraphs all leading to your last paragraph which explains your product. But you will also need to re-write the last paragraph and remove the blatantly sales stuff and write it in a more general way. For instance instead of saying; my email course is the most suitable, write about the features of an effective email course or book in solving the problem. Never attempt to sell in the middle of your article. It will put off your prospects. Instead focus on giving useful information and leave all the selling to your sales landing page or the resource box (when you post the same article in other article directories).

This is yet another way to maximize on the usefulness of all the free website content you get in this way.

free website content is easy to find if you know where to look.

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