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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Free website content: Is it really possible to get lots of it? Part 2

We have already seen that the content locked away in your email account is valuable free website content that your website or blog is yearning for. However this content cannot be used the way it is. It needs just a little work. Actually very little work to get it all ready for your site.

It will not be a matter of working hard, rather it will be a matter of working smart to get all the content ready for the web where it really belongs.

Actually there are several techniques to use here to prepare the content for your site.

If you notice in your emails that a prospect asked a very common question that you have been asked many times before or one which many of your prospects are bound to ask you, then what you need to do is to start your article with the question. You can actually cut it and paste it and put a big “Q” (which stands for question) right at the beginning.

The next paragraph will be your answer and you can put a large “A” right at the beginning of the email reply you sent and you have a very valuable and complete question and answer article.

Search engines love this kind of format because it focuses on the subject beautifully and it is bound to be detailed information that is told briefly and is therefore ideal for quick reading and grasping by those seeking information.

You can go ahead and produce a different version of the same article where you will have the question as your introduction and you simply re-write it a little so that your first paragraph is the question that the rest of the article answers.

It is important for you to place your target keyword phrase as early as possible in the first sentence of the first paragraph. Place it again in the last sentence of the article. The rest of your article should have synonyms of your keyword phrase repeated over and over again.

There you now have a powerful search engine optimized article. And it is content that you got for free for your website.

Do you want free content for your website TODAY?

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