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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free content for websites: Choosing keyword phrases to insert

The way to use keyword phrases in your free website content is to start by selecting a single keyword phrase that best describes what your website stands for. You should then focus on this keyword phrase and other related synonyms. Using the tool I usually use for this exercise, you can get dozens of similar keyword phrases.

This approach is in sharp contrast to what most people do. They tend to select a wide range of keyword phrases and then hope for the rest. There are many reasons why this approach of selecting wide ranging keywords is wrong. No website can do everything. In fact the web is a huge ocean where it is easy to get drowned and lost forever. The only way to prevent this from happening is narrowing your focus to a very specialized niche in your industry.

Once you have selected your principal keyword phrase, list all the synonyms under it chances are that the lower down the list you go the less popular the keyword phrases are bound to be. And so what you must do is start with the less popular and less competitive keyword phrases and work your way upwards. This is the most effective strategy. Remember that building a website or blog is just like building any other business or even a building. It has to be a sustained effort over a long period of time before you start to see really solid results from your work.

The other common mistake most people make is to choose the right keywords and then they create content that is of very little use to prospects. The articles do not offer any tips or useful information. It becomes clear that the content was written almost like the writer had a gun held to their head to produce some content—any content to go with the keyword phrases. Too many times site owners produce lots of content for their sites with the right keyword phrases suggested by experts and then wonder why traffic to their site does not go through the roof.

Luckily if content for your site is originated from real client queries and questions from prospects, chances of you generating useless boring content for your website are dramatically reduced.

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