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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Precious free website content: Why your email account is the best source

I know of no other ready source of free valuable website content that can rival your email account. NONE!! Why is it that the free content (most of it already written) that is lying around in your emails is so ideal and suitable for your website and web marketing?

For starters it is all fresh and original and has not been published anywhere on the web. In an increasingly crowded World Wide Web, the importance of fresh original content has continued to increase dramatically. There has been a lot of talk about duplicate content and the penalties for it in search engine rankings. The bottom line is that leading search engines like Google, eager to always enhance and improve the user-experience have increasingly found ways to limit repetition of the same content in high ranking search results. This has also extended to similar content which means content that is saying exactly the same thing even if it is not the same content.

In other words there is increasing evidence that search engines will reward fresh new original content that is very different from what is already indexed but targets the same keyword phrases.

Your email communication in many cases will fit the bill perfectly.

The other huge advantage of sourcing ready-to use fresh website content from your email account is the fact that it is already written the way web content should be written. It is brief and to the point while giving out lots of information. Chances are very slim that you will have bored your prospects by writing them long emails that say nothing and fail to answer the questions they raised. There is plenty of that kind of writing on the web. How many times have you clicked through to some information from the search engines to find that the article actually tells you nothing new? Leading search engines like Google are popular because they have remained focused on improving the user experience and so you can be sure that they are always looking to penalize such kind of pages. And reward pages that are packed with plenty of useful relevant information.

But it is not only search engines which are important. You want to ensure that prospects who land on any of your pages will appreciate the information because this will dramatically increase the chances of them rewarding you with an order for whatever it is that you sell on your website.

Admittedly you will require some very specific skills to be able to quickly sift through your email to find the best content and after that skills to make the minor quick adjustments to change the raw content to the powerful marketing tool for your website it should be. Bit isn’t it absolutely amazing that your best source of free content for your website is free?

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