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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Valuable free website content: How to never run out of fresh content

Once you have mastered all the techniques involved in mining the gold that is free website content from your old emails, the next step is to ensure that you never run out of a constant supply of this splendid fresh content. You must do everything to maintain high standards on your site.

When there are no more emails to turn into fresh content, two online sources should keep you very well supplied with fresh useful content. These are blog comments and discussion forums covering your area of interest.

For blog comments you will need to re-write the content but this should be fairly fast because you already have all the details in the comment and so all you have to do is write it in your own words while being careful to slip in the keyword phrase that you are targeting.

With discussion forums, you will need to use the information in both the questions and answers given as part of your article. You can decide to use a question and answer format (this kind of format is very popular online. Or alternatively you can write in the first paragraph as the question and then the rest of the article as the answer. Again you must be careful to put in your targeted keyword phrase in the title, in the first sentence (as early as possible) and in the last sentence as late as possible.

In order to ensure the quality of content being generated from your emails, you must take a lot of care in answering all their queries you receive from prospects in great detail and then going further to anticipate other related questions and also answering them. That is how you turn a prospect into a paying customer. If you do this you can be sure that you will never run out of quality free website content.

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