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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Valuable free website content: How to use it to dramatically increase revenue from your site overnight

People take questions from prospects way too lightly and yet they are gems that can be used to easily and quickly create free website content. And even more important, they can be used to dramatically increase the revenue you are currently earning from your site virtually overnight. Allow me to explain.

What you must realize is that many prospects and would-be-clients ask questions in their minds when they visit your site and simply click away without making the effort to write an email to ask you for a solution to their nagging query. You are losing them in this way every day. Always remember that folks are in a terrible hurry online. They hardly have time to write you an email to ask you anything. It is much easier for them to hit the “back” button and look for the information in another more informative site. There are usually hundreds of other options for them and sometimes thousands. I can bet you that that is exactly what they have been doing at your site and are still doing even as you read this article.

By simply taking the precious emails where you answered questions from prospects (both those who ended up purchasing from you and those who didn’t) you will automatically and immediately improve the response you get from visitors to your website. The person who places an order is the one who has had all their questions answered on your landing page and site. If there is any nagging question still lingering you can be sure that they will postpone placing the order and will probably never again have the opportunity to do so. So you will have lost that particular client forever. How many such clients are you losing daily? How much money have you lost in this way so far?

By using the simple techniques that will enable you to transform old emails into free valuable web content and placing it on your site, you will immediately and dramatically improve on the number of people saying yes to your products or services and placing orders. Depending on the layout of your website or blog you may need to go further and use the same information from your valuable email on the landing page that you use to sell. In this way you will be answering the queries of those prospects who are clicking away from your site without making any purchase.

Did you ever think that emails could prove to be such valuable free web content?

Valuable free website content in plenty.

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