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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free web content: 3 Signs that an email message is ideal for transformation into an article

I have already said in countless articles on this subject that your emails are the best source of free web content. The kind of content that is bound to market your site like crazy and to the right people too.

And so one of the questions that you are bound to be asking is how do you identify email messages that are ideal for use as content on your website? What are the signs to look for?

Relevant keyword phrases will already be in place
Although I usually show the techniques to be used in inserting the right keyword phrases in an email in the process of transforming it into an article, the truth is that the best email articles will already have the keyword phrases in place. If not the exact keywords, then it will have synonyms or similar words that say the same thing. This is a sign that the contents of the email are bound to be valuable especially if most of the email focuses on explaining the keyword phrase it starts out with.

Email to be transformed to free web content will be a result of some nagging question from a prospect
Another sure sign that an email will make a great article for your website is if it is the result of some nagging question or questions that a prospect asked. Why? Because the question asked is bound to be the same question that others will ask and some of them will ask the question using keyword phrases at their favorite search engine. This guarantees a relevant article with useful content that will do big things for your website or blog.

Email explains some important point in your industry that you were called to clarify in the course of your reply
If the email you are looking at explains some key point or central theme of your industry that you found yourself detailing in the course of your reply, then this is yet another sign that the email would make a great article. The kind of information folks are looking for online is the type that will enable them to quickly understand things. The key industry truism that you talk about in your email is important in helping people understand it better. And when you help them achieve this, chances are that they will remember you as an expert in the industry and people naturally place their orders for stuff with experts.

There you have your 3 key signs that will help you a great deal in identifying the emails that are actually gold hidden away which you want to retrieve and use as free web content.

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