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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free content for your website that is NOT PLR articles

Free content for your website that is NOT PLR articles
Many folks doubt if they can ever get free content for their websites in large quantities that is not PLR articles. What are PLR articles? These are private label rights articles that are sold to a large number of people and most of them end up using them exactly as thye are.

In the days before duplicate content became an issue and when there were other search engines controlling sizeable chunks of the market, PLR articles were effective. When you target different search engines PLR articles make much more sense. But when you consider the situation today where Google controls such a huge part of the pie and literally dominates search, PLR articles have become increasingly ineffective. And when you also consider that the campaign against duplicate content has intensified greatly in recent times PLR articles are almost useless.

Fortunately you can get tons of free content for your website that is not PLR stuff. There are many ways to do this. For starters it is important for you to realize that your email is a goldmine of fresh content waiting to be tapped. And what is even more amazing is that a lot of these articles are already written and ready to use and need only very minor adjustments. Obviously you require the skills to be able to transform this raw content into powerful fresh content that will be extremely useful for your website or blog. These skills are not too difficult to acquire if you put your mind to it. And the rewards will be huge because you will be able to come up with tons and tons of fresh useful content for your website.

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