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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free content for websites: How to quickly get your hands on 100 fresh original articles

Free content for your website in the form of 100 fresh original articles can have a tremendous impact on your site in terms of traffic and visibility. To ensure maximum impact it is also important that apart from posting the articles on your site, you should also post them in at least 10 leading article directories with links pointing right back to your site. This will rapidly multiply the total number of links pointing to your site and enable your site to get a lot of traffic directly from search engines and also from the directories where you post your articles.

Use your emails
I know many websites that have enough email exchanges with clients to generate more than 200 articles. But chances are that the same cannot be said for your business and you may not be able to generate even 50 articles from your emails. Don’t worry about it, there are other ideas that will help you expand your articles to the magic figure of 100.

Get ideas from your existing articles
The man with a record for generating the highest number of articles in the ezinearticles article directory Lance Winslow has something very interesting to say about his techniques. He says that usually as he is writing an article he gets an idea for another one or two articles and this keeps on happening as he writes article after article. In the same way, after quickly generating your first articles from your emails, use the same articles to create ideas for more articles. Read through each article slowly and every time you get an idea scroll down to an empty space and write it down. To speed up proceedings further you can cut out entire paragraphs from articles you have already written and paste them where you are going to write the new article.

Select the most informative blog comments in your industry
The remaining articles can be gotten by looking for the most informative blog comments in your industry and then use them to generate articles of your own. You will of course have to re-write the articles in your own words and pepper them with your own experiences. Still this will be much faster that sitting down to generate your own ideas for articles.

This is the way to quickly generate 100 articles in free content for your website.

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