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Friday, April 23, 2010

Free website content: Is it really possible to get lots of it? Part 4

There are actually many other ways of identifying and using emails that you have sent and received to generate lots of free content for your website. It all depends on the type of email you are looking at and what provoked you to write it. These are the key pointers that will help you decide how best to adapt the content to your site and ensure that the article is useful enough to attract attention when posted in other article directories with links pointing right back to your site.

But emails are not the only source of website content. Chances are that you have sent out some SMS message to prospects in reply to questions they raised. These too can create excellent content. Simply take the question as it is asked by your client or prospect and write out in more detail. And then take your answer and write it out in more detail. Give one or two examples and you should have a complete article.

Another great source of content for your site is in blog comments and it does not need to be your own blog. Remember that for it takes time and effort to write out a comment in a blog. And so it means that they felt passionate enough about whatever it is they are writing for them to sit down and pen a response. Chances are that some of your prospects out there will be in situations similar to what the writer of the comment faced so that they got all worked up enough to take the time to write. We are assuming that it is not the spam comments that have poisoned many blog comment areas these days.

And so any genuine comments in blogs discussing issues relevant to your product and service are an excellent source for priceless articles. Read the comments through and then simply re-write them in your own words and you have a complete article ready within no time at all.

Some blogs have hundreds of comments and this means hundreds of original articles for you and your website. This is all very precious and easily accessible free website content for you.

Want to ensure that you always get an an endless supply of free website content?

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