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Friday, April 23, 2010

Free website content: Is it really possible to get lots of it? Part 5

Yet another place where you can get lost of free website content for your site is your own website or blog. How many articles do you have on the site. 20? 50? Believe it or not all these articles are a priceless source of lots of new free content for your website or blog.

Take all the articles and paste them on an empty page of your word processor. Go to the first article and look for the following.

a) Is your article written in such a way that it has various points listed? For instance the article could be titled 5 ways to get a new boyfriend and lists the five different ways. Take the first paragraph and use it to create a single article. All you have to do is put in more details. There are many ways of doing this. You can write in an introduction explaining why this method of getting a boyfriend is effective. And then below the paragraph list the pros and cons of that method. There, you already have an article from your old content. And what is more you can create five articles from a single one. So those readers who did not quite find all the information they needed on your site because it was not detailed enough will now find it a lot more detailed and answering the questions they need answers to in much more detail.

b) Or maybe the article is crying out for an update. For instance it could be about a certain model cell phone. Since you wrote the article a new model has probably been released with better features or with the same features which work in a different way. If you have enough information about the new model, you can simply write in the new details in the old article and you have a brand new fresh article.

c) Look at the article. Can you go in the opposite direction? For instance if the article is talking about the advantages a desktop computer has over a laptop, write another article that talks about the advantage of a laptop over a desktop. Think opposite.

d) Read the article through carefully. Chances are that by the time you reach the last paragraph you will have gotten numerous ideas for articles. There are times I have read through a single article and gotten ideas for at least 5 other articles. And in most cases all the information is in the same article and just needs to be written in a different way to answer a different question. This may not be very easy at the beginning but as you practice using the same technique many times, you will become better and better at it.

You will have realized by now that the articles you can use to generate other articles need not be your own. They could be from your competitor’s site and using this technique you have a chance of generating content that is much better than theirs for your site in no time at all. And it will all be free website content.

Always have more free content for your website than you can use.

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