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Thursday, August 24, 2006

How To Use The “Add Your Link” Keyword Phrase To Generate Unlimited Ad Revenue For Any Low Traffic Blog

Most folks believe that selling advertising is extremely difficult when the very opposite is true, especially when you make good use of the “add your link” keyword phrase. Selling text links ads on you site is very easy. The reason is simple. There is a huge demand for effective online advertising. Notice that I have used the word “effective”.

Millions of webmasters and bloggers are constantly looking for sites with a good PR to either swop text links with or to get one way links from. There are two main reasons why a site would be interested in getting a text link ad placed on a site with a reasonable page rank. That is to either raise their own page rank &when a site with a higher page rank links to you, your own page rank improves. Alternatively a high number of relevant links from sites with a high Google PR will tend to dramatically improve the position of your site in search engine results. Naturally this means a lot more traffic for your site. There are various techniques that can be used to attract advertisers almost on auto pilot.

One of them is to prominently place the keyword phrase “add your link”. This means that you are looking for other webmasters and bloggers to swop links with. When you add a prominent link using this keyword phrase other site owners will be able to find you via their favorite search engine. Some will offer to swop links while others will offer to buy one way links pointed at their sites. You should accept both because as you swop links with sites that have a good PR, you also enhance the PR of your own site, which will make you an even more attractive site for advertisers.

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