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Monday, August 14, 2006

Why Importance of Links Has Skyrocketed With The Crackdown On Duplicate Content

With the ongoing campaign against duplicate content by leading search engines like Google, it means that the importance of links pointing at your site has increased tremendously.

The links will play a very important role in helping to get traffic to your site and indeed your articles and should be used side by side with articles marketing to reap the best results.

There are those who do not believe in purchasing or exchanging reciprocal links. Almost without exception this will be low traffic sites because all high traffic sites are involved in either or both of the two exercises. Is there really much difference between purchasing pay-per-click traffic in Adwords or another search engine pay per click program and purchasing it through text links? Buying links is the same as buying advertising space and is very important in the early development stages of a site in kick-starting its' accumulation of one way links from other sites that are not purchased.

The critical effect these early links have is that they help drive reasonable traffic to your site where your articles and content will hopefully build an audience over a brief period of time.

It is also useful because duplicate content issues have meant that a site builds up links much slower from articles than previously. However traffic generated by articles or through links in articles posted elsewhere has proved time and again to be so valuable that it is much more valuable than paid for traffic from Adwords.

Discover how to use text links to build traffic.

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