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Monday, August 21, 2006

Little Known Articles Marketing Strategy: Cover All Your Niches

If it is bad news that you need plenty of articles to make an impact with content marketing, then the good news is in the fact that it will cost you nothing but lots of hard work if you write the articles on your own.

The other really good news is that once the initial hard work has been done, you will require minimal effort later to sustain your good results and daily sales. It is like putting up a block of apartments. The initial investment is very heavy, but once your building is complete, collecting the rent does not require too much energy on your part.

That's the reason why the best way to do the articles is make sure that you cover every possible related niche with the keywords you use. One effective free keyword I use is the Overture tool. Just key in a keyword and it will not only give you numerous other related keyword phrases, but it will also tell you how many people used that keyword at Yahoo and other associated search engines in a recent month.

The right way to use the keywords is in helping you to generate excellent ideas for good valuable content. I will never use a keyword phrase that I do not have a good idea for. It is much better to write an excellent and useful article that does not seem to target any important keyword phrase. This is preferable to writing a useless boring piece of trash that does not give any useful information and simply concentrates on repeating a certain high traffic popular keyword phrase.

The net is already full of a this sort of trashy articles without you adding a pile of your own. These sort of articles will not help you or anybody. However a well written, useful article without relevant keywords will inevitably find an audience.

Of course the ideal situation is to write excellent articles that are based on non-competitive keyword phrases that will get you plenty of traffic from search engines.

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