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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Be Careful Whom You Suggest Reciprocal Link Exchanges With

Be careful not to suggest or accept a link swop with just any site. Avoid gambling and pharmaceutical sites which will tend to reduce yours ranking with search engines. You should also create your on rule about which type of text link ads you will accept and from which category of sites.

Then you should go ahead and create valuable content that will promote your advertising service. Post the articles at leading article directories. If your articles are any good they will get re-posted all over the World Wide Web complete with your resource box with links pointed at your site. There is no faster way of accumulating valuable one way links.

The way to get a high PR in the first place is to create lots of useful content at your site and then post your articles at leading article directories that have a good PR. I would suggest that you combine free articles with the purchase of good quality text links.

There is actually no justification for any small site owner to complain that they have no way of earning any cash. There are in fact many ways for your site to earn lots of cash. The way to start off is by ensuring that your site attains a PR that is as high as possible.

FAQs on the use of text links and articles.

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