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Friday, August 18, 2006

Your Traffic Strategy Must Be Based On Some Math

Whatever traffic strategy you come up with to increase the daily hits at your low traffic site, you must have clear goal in terms of numbers on your mind.

For example, if each article you write and post at an articles directory gives you an average of 5 hits per day, it means that you would need 200 articles out there to get 1,000 hits per day. We all know that when you post an article, it tends to get re-posted and despite the duplicate content issue, virtually every re-posted article will get you traffic one day. Even if somebody has re-posted your article somewhere and search engines have not indexed it because it is duplicate content, there is still a chance of somebody getting to that site. Maybe even the guy's neighbor can land there and end up clicking through to your site.

Still if I were you, I would set my goals assuming that there would be no viral effect. That way your chances of success would be much higher.

Getting 200 articles done would take quite a while, so you may opt to acquire links which is much quicker. Again, you would need to set you goals clearly. Say each link brought you on average 2 hits per day, it means that you would need about 500 to achieve the goal of 1,000 unique visitors every day.

Setting goals is critical to success because it helps you focus on what needs to be done so that you can achieve what you want.

The amazing thing that happened to me was that when I discovered this truth, I was able to do about 100 articles in less than 8 days. I surprised myself. You too will surprise yourself, there is plenty of almost magical energy in being able to focus on a goal that you know you can attain.

One last word of caution. In the event that your estimates do not quite work out, just take the lower figure and work with it. For example you may find that every article gives you an average of 0.5 hits per day instead of 5 as you had earlier estimated. Instead of giving up, work with the lower estimate even as you seek ways and means of improving on the average number of hits your articles are generating.

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