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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Do You Know The Dollar Difference Between An Information Site And A Traffic Site?

If I were to summarize in one brief sentence, the most effective way of making money online (which has also helped me personally to make tens of thousands of dollars at a time) then I would use the following simple sentence. It is understanding the difference between an information site and a traffic site.

In its' simplest form I have used this technique to sell tens of thousands worth of product by simply linking an information page on the same blog to a traffic page. What is an information page and what is a traffic page? And what is the difference?

An information page as the name suggests, is packed with information. The more valuable and useful the content in an information site, the better. There are thousands of people all over the world today making a living from information sites. They simply set one up and then install Adsense ads and collect a monthly pay check for their trouble.

A traffic site on the other hand is a sales site. It will usually have a sales letter or strong sales literature and the main objective is to sell a product or service. So naturally the idea is to drive as much traffic as possible in its' direction.

What most people do not know is how to drive traffic from a content site to a traffic site. Or even more basic, from a content page to a traffic page on the same site. Obtaining this simple skill will make all the difference and help you reach that place where you will fully appreciate the fact that articles are truly online gold.

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