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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Most Powerful Weapon A Low Traffic Blog Can Have

How does a low traffic blog with 0 page rank get reciprocal links? Actually it would be difficult because who wants to link to a lower page rank site?

In other words, a reasonable PR of 2 or 3 is extremely important if your blog is going to attract any interested parties for reciprocal links. The fastest way to improve your PR is to find sites with a high PR and somehow get them to link to you. Alternatively there are some blogs that do not discriminate and will happily link to any blog irrespective of their PR.

Yet another effective way is to post useful articles at high PR article directories and link directly with your blog. After a week or two, you will notice that your PR score has climbed up and you can therefore find blogs to exchange links with, much more easily.

Always remember that without a useful PR, you're dead and reciprocal linking will hardly work for you. The better your PR score, the more receptive other sites will be when it comes to exchanging links with you and your reciprocal linking campaign will end up being very effective.

The result will be that even as you wait for search engines to pay more attention to you, you will be able to increase your traffic tremendously.

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