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Monday, August 21, 2006

Minimum Effort For Maximum Results Does Not Work With Articles Marketing

Human nature is such that we prefer to be told a lie that encourages rather than the blunt truth that discourages.

This is the simple reason why the Wold Wide Web is filled with deals, which require minimum effort from you for maximum results. Mostly these deals need you to part with some hard-earned cash. This strategy of promising maximum results from minimal input works. Most folks are very attracted to it.

Please prepare to hear one hard truth about marketing with articles. It may not sell me very many units of my products or get me a lot of traffic, but it is the truth.

Articles' marketing is not easy and it will not work with the minimum efforts for maximum results approach. The truth is that to get maximum results, you will need to work very hard while staying very focused on one key objective. What did you really expect when articles are more or less free, if you write your own? Did you expect a free effective marketing strategy that you have paid nothing for working without you putting a lot of hard work behind it?

To be able to generate a useful amount of traffic, you will need hundreds of quality articles. If you can be able to generate about 1,000 articles, then chances are that you can go on holiday for good and your articles will keep on generating healthy traffic to your site, without any additional effort from you.

1,000 articles sounds impossible. But it is simply 10 articles a day for 100 days. All you have to do is discipline yourself to churn out 10 articles every single day for the next 3 months and 10 days. Or alternatively 5 articles a day for the next 200 days. The whole thing can be much faster if you get help from ghostwriters.

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