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Monday, August 07, 2006

Low Traffic Blog: The Reciprocal-Link-Way To Increase Traffic

What is the fastest and most effective method of increasing traffic for a low traffic blog that has still not received recognition from search engines?

The answer will probably not surprise you. There is no faster more effective way for a low traffic site to increase traffic that beats reciprocal links. In other words exchanging links with other blogs.

It is widely believed that reciprocal links are worthless as far as search engines are concerned and one should either go for one way links or nothing at all. Once again this is the sort of advice that applies to high traffic sites but does not apply to a low traffic site. A high traffic blog will already have plenty of links, usually including lots of reciprocal ones already pointing at their site. It will hardly make sense for such a site to keep on exchanging reciprocal links.

However a low traffic site that hardly has any links pointing at them (reciprocal or otherwise) will gain tremendously from exchanging reciprocal links.

There is another even bigger advantage of reciprocal links for low traffic sites. And that is, the links can be a major source of quality traffic. Say a small blog managed to accumulate 30 links every week pointing at it. That is at a rate of about 5 reciprocal links a day. Let us assume that these links bring in an average of a measly 5 visitors a day. This will mean that every week the blog will be increasing its' traffic at a rate of 150 unique visitors per day. Or at a rate of 600 new unique visitors every month.

This will have a tremendous effect on the revenue generating ability of your site, either through Adsense or any other affiliate and no affiliate programs.

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