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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Did You Know That Leads From Articles Are Better Than Leads From Adwords?

The Adsense program sends massive volumes of traffic to many sales pages and this is one of the most effective ways of making money online. In fact it has revolutionized the way business is done on the World Wide Web.

Some folks are using this simple method to rake in obscene amounts of money online, with very little effort. They simply open an Adwords account, bid for keywords related to what they are selling and receive highly relevant traffic. A decent percentage of these visitors end up purchasing the product or service that they are selling. The huge advantage that has made this particular advertising-for-clients model so hugely popular is the fact that you only pay for actual leads generated. That is people who click through to your site. The implication here is that your advertising ends up not only paying for itself, but gives you a profit and you simply build your business rapidly by re-investing a portion of your profits every time.

Now here is the big shocker. There is a much better way of generating sales leads without using Adwords. Test after test has shown that leads generated in this other way are more targeted and usually you will have a much better chance of turning them into paying customers.

That method is the use of articles posted at your site, at certain high traffic articles directories or even better at some ezine with a sizeable number of regular subscribers. Traffic from articles has many advantages over Adwords or PPC ad traffic. One is the fact that if you write the article yourself, it is free and will continue generating targeted traffic for you for years to come without any additional effort or investment on your part.

This articles thing is probably one of the best kept secrets on the net today.

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