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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Increasing Page Rank Can Help A Low Traffic Site Make Money

One of the biggest problems facing many low traffic sites, is a poor page rank. Without a reasonable page rank, a blog or site is basically useless and chances of it generating any revenue or doing anything useful are practically nil.

Since the blog or site hardly receives any traffic, it will need special features and special advantages to make it stand out and enable the webmaster or blogger to create opportunities for revenue generation and growth.

That something special about your low traffic can be the content. But even more valuable would be a good high page rank.

Page rank is usually on a scale of zero to 10 and this is a measurement by Google to show the value of a site or how significant it is.

Let me give you one practical example. One of the ways that a low traffic site can quickly gather increased traffic and also get out of the so called Google sandbox is by having other sites link to it. The easiest and best way to start off is by exchanging reciprocal links with other sites. Exchanging links has the potential of both increasing traffic dramatically and also improving both youir page rank and position in search engine results.

But before any site agrees to your proposal to swap links, the first thing they will tend to do will be to look at your page rank. If it is reasonably high, they are much more likely to accept to exchange links with your site. If it is zero, or close to zero, chances are that the site will find it virtually impossible to get anybody to exchange links and the site owners options will remain very limited.

In the second part of this article we discuss how any low traffic site can improve its' page rank.

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