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Friday, August 18, 2006

Do You Have A Traffic Strategy?

It is amazing how so many frustrated low traffic site owners live on nothing but blind unrealistic hope, with no traffic strategy in site.

They want more traffic but they do absolutely nothing to get more traffic. They just sit and wait, hoping for that big break to come. Basically for pie to fall from the sky. It actually does happen sometimes, but what are the odds? Very close to impossible at best, I can tell you.

So even if you think articles marketing does not work and even if you are sure that reciprocal links and acquiring links will do nothing for you, why not try them out, for a while. At least you'll be doing something, even as you wait for pie to fall from the sky.

It is extremely important that before you start doing anything that you have some sort of tracking mechanism on your web site so that you know exactly where your traffic is coming from. This will tell you what is working and what is not working. Let me also quickly add that you will need to be patient. Just because you did something and have received zero traffic in the first two days, does not mean it has failed completely. Give it some time.

Read the second and final part of this article.

Use text links for an amazingly effective traffic strategy.

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