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Thursday, August 24, 2006

How Low Traffic Sites Can Generate Valuable Ad Revenue

Many low traffic sites that are currently not making any money for their owners can be transformed into lucrative cash generating machines by simply carrying advertisements.

Everybody knows that advertisers will only touch sites that have a very sizeable amount of daily traffic every day and yet some low traffic sites hardly get any hits for days on end. This is true, but the facts are that there is another type of advertiser that will gladly place their advertisement on a low traffic site. In fact this kind of advertiser is hardly interested in the number of hits that your site is receiving on a daily basis.

Allow me to explain. There is something called the Google PR. This is a measurement of page rank used by Google to show the importance of a page. It is on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest rank. To measure the PR of any site, you require the Google tool bar which you can download free. Just go to the Google search engine and key in “Google tool bar” and you will find the site and instructions on how to download the tool bar that measures page rank.

So what is he value of the page rank of a site? When sites seek to exchange links (reciprocal linking) they will usually specify that they need a certain level of page rank to consider a site for reciprocal linking. Most sites will not want a reciprocal link but will instead want a one way link pointing to their site. Some sites will be willing to pay for an ad in your site so as to secure this one way link.

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