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Monday, August 21, 2006

Why Text Links In The Middle Of The Article Will Sell Like Crazy

We have already discussed in earlier articles the impact of the resistance folks usually develop when they realize that somebody is trying to sell them something. In fact many times people may resist purchasing something that they actually need and have been looking for.

That is why it makes a huge difference finding a way to sell which does not look like selling, which means that your prospect drinks it all in without creating the usual barriers of resistance.

This is precisely the reason why text links within articles can be so effective in getting lots of traffic to a sales page that should not look like a sales page. The text link should be highly relevant and promise some really useful solution to a problem. The page it leads the reader to after clicking on it should offer some genuinely useful information even as it sells your product. The more creative, the better. I saw a sales page the other day that was a long Q and A format answering some frequently asked questions while repeatedly referring to the product that is the ultimate problem-solver of the issues that were being addresses. Pure genius, and the sort of selling strategy that makes people rich.

I have found that text links that are bang in the middle of articles achieve much higher popularity and click through rates than links at the usual places where the reader knows people tend to put all their self-serving links.

FAQs on the use of text links and articles for an amazingly effective traffic strategy.

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