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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Real Power Of Articles Is In Generating Numerous Leads From Numerous Links

Your online business will never be the same again when you discover the real power of articles marketing in generating an endless supply of quality leads from numerous links.

The reason why most people never profit from articles is mainly because they do not understand them or how they work. Taking the time to understand exactly how articles work in any online business model will make a huge difference.

Essentially, I have seen the best results from site owners who concentrate on one product or service at a time. They then concentrate all their energy and effort on generating thousands of links pointing to their sales page. They do this by creating interesting, captivating articles that are very useful and valuable. Basically their aim is to come up with the sort of genuinely valuable information that their readers will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

What follows is predictable. Their pages of information attract an increasingly high volume of traffic, which in turn means more traffic and sales for their product or service. Simple and basic but it works like a dream.

You have to understand that the hundreds of articles that you generate that are posted at article directories and at other sites, are like mini sites with their own traffic that have links pointing straight at your sales site.

Most people using articles as an online marketing tool, lack this clarity in their strategy. Most will tend to have a confusing mass of articles linked back and forth to each other. They tend to have a new linking priority or strategy every week, which causes them to start afresh while completely ignoring what they have done in the past.

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