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Thursday, August 17, 2006

To Sell Much More, Make Your Copy And Presentation A Casual Conversation

Nobody likes to be sold to. This is a critical truth to remember at all times.

This means that the wording and presentation you use in your traffic site should be as casual as possible and as far as possible your layout should not represnet that of the typical sales page.

I saw a classic selling page recently where the smart online marketer simply answered the most frequent questions asked by persons interested in purchasing their product. He used biting and sometimes sarcastic remarks in answering the questions and it just made that sales page the most interesting sales page I have ever seen. And I would bet you my lunch for 10 years that the sales are also interestingly high.

When creating your traffic site, picture yourself talking to the next door neighbor. You wouldn't dream of trying to sell them something would you? Personally I'd be terrified to. But I have no problem sharing with them the knowledge that I have and mentioning my product in a casual way, even the price. But I would focus on what it has done for my other clients and even pass on their contacts for my neighbor to get in touch with them and ask (testimonials).

This is the most powerful online selling model I know. Create a good information site and then link it to your sales site, carefully tracking and monitoring your traffic. It is as simple as that.

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