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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Understanding The Reason Why Free Traffic From Articles Will Always Buy More Than Paid For PPC Ads Traffic

Many people do not believe for a moment that leads from articles will always give you a better conversion rate and more sales (by far) than leads from Adwords or any other PPC ads program.

Probably the biggest obstacle to their ever believing this fact is the simply the logical belief that something that you have to pay for and especially an established product can not possibly be less effective that a common free thing like articles. Surely it does not seem to make sense.

No need to argue, just go out there and carry out a simple test and see the results for yourself. But let me also explain possible reasons for this shocking fact.

To start with the Adsense program is not perfect. It is true that it has been hugely successful because the ads are mostly relevant to the content they usually appear next to. But this does not happen with 100 per cent accuracy. Contrast this to an article that is talking directly about a problem that can be solved by a product for which you find a detailed text link to, either within the article or in the resource box at the end of the article.

Secondly the reason why the Adsense program has been so successful is because those tiny little text links look less of ads than some big banner ad at the top of some page. People will tend to resist ads and any effort to sell them something, even when they need it. This is an important fact of life for anybody intending to market anything to appreciate. That is the reason why a well-written article will always do a much better job because it is not an advertisement but some piece of information which potential customers read though with their usual guard against being sold to, down.

Appreciating and fully absorbing this huge advantage will revolutionize your bank account and this is no hype or exaggeration. It is a cold fact.

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